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Thumb twiddling ensues. It’s the 15th! Due to my being BLOGGGIINGGGG I’m obviously not at work. Which means that the City has yet to issue our long awaited TCO license, and we have yet to be allowed into our own structure. Well, thanks for the heads-up NYC, you heads’ed us up for naught. A grand ‘:P NEYUHH’ to you. My mother couldn’t BE any pushier about my lack of daily activity. I’m relishing my last days (please let it only come down to a few more days) as a free bird, before I’m quite literally locked in for a year of what will be the most physically demanding, tiresome, laborious, and long working hours. Someone, my mom, is on my case about doing something else in the meantime. What she is ignoring, however, is that once it starts it doesn’t stop, and it’s not like I’m an unemployed BUM, who’s mooching. I just haven’t STARTED yet! So sorry for landing a high-ranking, salaried with benefits, job right out of school. My apologies. |face;palm| Ask the Ivy grad friends of mine how they’re doing, MOM. :) No animosity though, she just doesn’t get it. Understandable, with her lack of job since ‘88 (aka pre-me, ‘88 is a total guess). 

Well…I sure failed at this!

I guess I’m not the blogging type…that has become very apparent. I failed miserably at posting things since the first day addiction of a new fun thing. Michael bought a new power washer…this should be…annoying. Did I mention loud? Loud. Pics of the deck wash and him detailing all the outdoor furniture to come. Have I said this is annoying yet? Chair #1 and I’m ready to cut the hoses. What a waste of water. Don’t do the fucking grill………..he did the fucking grill. Side note: water + grill = no….grilling! Novel.

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